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Welcome to the web site of Maggid Yitzhak Buxbaum and home of The Jewish Spirit Journal. Please take a few minutes to look around, and discover the wealth of information and teachings Reb Yitzhak has to share.

Back in Print - Jewish Spiritual Practices 

Jewish Spiritual Practices explains the Jewish mystic path, whose goal is d'vekut, God-consciousness. Discover how to have God-consciousness while studying Torah, while davvening, while walking, while working, while washing the dishes. Yitzhak has translated hundreds of hasidic teachings of the Rebbes about hanhagot, spiritual practices. The practices are explained in the larger context of the spiritual path toward the mystic goal. Many people are inspired by tales about the hasidic Rebbes. These are the practices that got the Rebbes to their exalted spiritual levels and which they taught to their followers. The information in this book is not available elsewhere, in Hebrew or in English. If you are on the Jewish spiritual path, you should have this book.

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